A Sh’mal World

A film by Michelle Friedline and Laureen Ricks

Impish and twinkle-eyed, Sh’mal Ellenberg can joke about his chaotic work: helping mentally-ill drug addicts reclaim their lives.

His clients are people like Kat, a hot-blooded women with insight into her mental illness, and Dale, a charismatic man with an unending drug addiction.

Sh’mal can relate to his clients and their life on the fringes of society and never loses his cool when they throw tantrums or get evicted from their apartments. Yet, when faced with the choice to reunite with his estranged, alcoholic, and sometimes homeless son after a ten year disconnect, Sh’mal must come to terms with his own conflicting emotions about family, addiction and the struggle to fit into mainstream society.

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Directors: Michelle Friedline and Laureen Ricks
published: 2008

Changeville Social Change Festival
2017 at the Hippodrome Gainesville FL

Media Showcase screening selection
2010 Broadcast Educators Association Conference

Merit Award
2008 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

2008 Angelus Student Film Festival

Best Documentary Feature
2009 New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase

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